9 Reasons why Jwala won GC

1. Anti-cheering

Nothing has to be said about the Anti-cheering of Jwala. The famous “Ek lambi taar lo, respective hostel ki maar lo” and “Jor se bolo, Jai Jwala Ki” roared through out every match. It not only cheered the Jwala players but also demotivated the opponents. Every match felt like being played on our home stadium.

2. The Medal Machine

Who doesn’t know the “Studaap” of Rohan Tomar. His excellent and invaluable performance in Football, Cricket, Basketball and Hockey shortened the distance between us and the GC. This guy single-handedly scored more points than some hostels. You have my respect SIR (_/\_).

3. BSA G. Sec Swag

When the General Secretary is on your side, nothing can stop you from winning. The constant guidance of Adwait Singhai (_/\_) motivated us to continue our effort and to not lose hope even when odds are against us.

4. Baweja

Who can forget the breath-taking final match of Lawn Tennis. The match which was necessary for us to win so as to seal the GC. It all came down to one final match of Aman Baweja and the match went on till the last set which we won. Thats how you snatch away the victory.

5. Over Enthusiastic Freshers

The never ending enthusiasm shown by freshers played a key role as we always outnumbered the other hostel junta.

6. Love for Medals

Gold Medal in Football, Lawn Tennis and Silver Medal in Badminton not only gave us a huge lead but also proved our dominance.

7. Hope

You know you are in trouble when all 10 hostels are against you. The point distribution in Indoor Sports was changed ambiguously so that Jwala loses its point. The disappointing loss in Cricket and Hockey didn’t let us down. The hope that we will win kept us alive in the race for GC.

8. The Hashtag #issbaarGC

This famous hashtag started by Roopak Sharma in response to Kumaon’s “We won’t give it back”. This Hashtag kept us motivated right from the start and always reminded us to take the.

9. Because, we have been trying for 8 years

The fact that we practiced so hard, nothing could stop us from winning the well deserved General Championship Trophy (A perfect farewell for 4th yearites). The agony of not winning the trophy for 8 years added extra boost to our efforts. We were simply on another level. :P

--by Aman Singh