It has been a long journey for Jwalamukhi Hostel, established in 1965, just a few years after the foundation of IIT Delhi. Jwalamukhi hostel has been a home to many people who have achieved great levels of successful over the years in diverse fields.Some famous alumni of Jwala who have been in the news in the recent times are as follows :-

Sachin Bansal :- Along with Binny bansal, he is one of the founders of the online shopping giant Flipkart, Sachin Bansal is greatly admired by each and every Jwalaite for the online revolution that his company brought about in the country.

Ashish Nanda :- An academic by heart, Mr Nanda is presently the director of the most prestigious business school in our country, IIM Ahmedabad. Mr. Nanda still retains a special place for his hostel Jwalamukhi in his heart and often comes and talks to his junior hostel-mates whenever his busy schedule permits.

Vijay K Thadani :- Mr. Vijay is another alumnus of Jwalamukhi hostel who is very successful when it comes to the corporate ladder. Co-founder of NIIT along with a fellow IITian Mr Rajendra Pawar, Mr Thadani is a name which gives each Jwalaite a motivation to keep working harder in their lives.

The tales of such successful alumni from the Jwalamukhi hostel is never ending and more and more successful people just keep getting added to the list. Be it due to the free environment or the sense of well- being that the hostel provides, there remains a very strong bond between the old residents and the hostel. One famous incident that is recalled and cherished even today is the donation by the 1972 batch residents contributing 60 lakhs for the construction of 72 rooms in the new wing some years ago.

There is a strong sports culture in Jwalamukhi, often contributing most of the Inter IIT players in many sports. Our strong hold on sports can be seen from our performance in the 2015 GC as we came a close second, just a few points behind Kumaon.Similarly, in the traditional cultural clubs, Jwala is considered to be a kind of home to the Insti level dance group V-Defyn. Even in the other BRCA clubs such as Music,Dramatics, Debating etc., Jwala has continuously shown its mettle on the BRCA front, even winning the 2010 BRCA cup.