BSA wrap-up #1

Football match: Jwalamukhi vs Karakoram, Jan 15,2016

After a smashing victory over Zanskar hostel, the Jwala Dragons inflicted a crushing defeat over Karakoram.Yeah, we did it again in this highly tensed and most awaited match b/w the champion and the finalist of last year championship. It was played at the institute grounds in freezing cold at 7:30 PM but the dragons proved that they are so-called dragons for a reason by defeating karakoram with the score of 4-0. Most of the players in this match were inter-IIT players, The playing XI of jwala was - Adwait Singhai , Mansimran(Goalie), Banmanlang, Monoj Basumatary,Karan Chaudhary,Shashank, Nishant, Yella Ravi Teja, Anil Rana (c),Rohan Tomar, Mohit kumar. And the substitutes were Inam-Ul-Haq, Madhav Taparia, Chirag. With the perfect chemistry between its players, jwala made 9 Goal attempts while the opponents just made it to the 3 Goal attempts.With the deafening sounds of JWALA JWALA all around the field and Jwala players dominating throughout the whole game, the opponents got so pressurised that they started playing rough and did some careless mistakes.The first two goals were scored by Manoj Basumatry in the initial stage of the game and in the second half of the game, Mohit kumar scored the third goal from quite near the goal post with the assistance of Manoj Basumatry. The final goal was scored by Adwait Singhai who kicked it from just outside the penalty area and sent the ball flying straight to the goal thus ending a thoroughly entertaining match.

Jwalamukhi Starting XI: Anil Rana (c), Adwait Singhai , Mansimran(Goalie), Banmanlang, Monoj Basumatary,Karan Chaudhary,Shashank, Nishant, Yella Ravi Teja,Rohan Tomar, Mohit kumar
Substitutes:Inam-Ul-Haq, Madhav Taparia, Chirag
Best Player: Monoj Basumatary
Final score: Jwalamukhi 4-0 Karakoram

Basketball Match: Jwalamukhi vs Zanskar, Jan 14,2016

With the second semester now in full swing, and events happening all over the place, Jwala did not want to pass up the chance to earn valuable points in this much-awaited inter-hostel basketball match. Our players were hard at work and did not show any signs of complacency, however as luck would have it, we narrowly lost out to Zanskar by a mere 4 points. It was reported that Jwala alleged referees to be biased towards inter-IIT players, but this was a baseless claim. Chaitanya, a fresher, performed well, and so did seniors Rohan and Prateek. The morale was high and Jwala showed promise and never lost the will to win.It was a well-balanced tug-of-war, but in the last few minutes Zanskar gained the upper hand.

FInal Score: Jwalamukhi 32-36 Zanskar
Best Player: Siddhant Pradhan (Number 18). Scored 18 points

Basketball Match: Jwalamukhi vs Girnar, Jan 14,2015

After the loss in the day, the mood was still upbeat in the jwala camp as they had lost narrowly to Zanskar and now they hoped to better their performance. Girnar, considered to be the best team in the institute having the most number of Inter IIT players, had other plans. The moment the match started, the momentum shifted drastically towards Girnar and all the positivity of the day was sucked out of Jwalaites. The vice captain of the team, Jayesh, alongwith players like Rohan and Prateek did try hard to break the defenses of the Girnar players but it was not to be. In the end this match too turned out to be a loss for Jwalamukhi hostel and so now they are in a tough spot in the table. After two tough matches, the team has got some learning experiences and is now ready to perform better and start winning whereas Girnar is happy being the table toppers.
Final Score: Girnar 28-15 Jwalamukhi


Man of the match Jwalamukhi vs Karakoram Trying to score past Karakoram defence Jwalamukhi Talisman Adwait Singhai dribbling past players