BSA Results


800 m

As the whistle blew, everybody just boosted off from the starting line. After half a lap it was seen that Jwala's Abhay Sarothia led the pack.After the first lap the runners pushed themselves so that their respective hostels can earn points in this event which would benefit their hostels in the race for the GC trophy. As the race came to the last turn it was clearly seen that Abhay still maintained his lead & comfortably won the race & his lead remained for almost 2 seconds.
1st & 2nd runner up's came from Shivalik hostel & Abhay's time of finishing the race was 12.16 seconds.

High Jump

Powering off his calf muscles and blasting off across the rods Pintu from Shivalik ranked first in high jump with a record 155cm followed by Anuk from jwala and second rubber up Sudeep from Satupura.

Shot put

Shot put is one of the games in which you expect less crowd yet it proved to be wrong today as it was seen that other then the participants a decent crowd had arrived to watch the athletes compete.With three rounds to master their stroke, athletes committed fouls but were never seen undercofident. Finally, it was these players who outshone others with their skill:-

  1. Kumar Sahaj(8.73m) Aravalli
  2. Mayank Shukla(8.62m) Jwala
  3. Aman(8.57m) Vindhyanchal
  4. Mahipal(8.39m)Shivalik

4*100m relay(heat 1)

In this race every team brings 4 athletes who pass baton to each other & cross the finish line.No player can take the baton twice.The first heat was between Shivalik,Jwala,Kara,Kumaon. from the very first turn the speed of Jwala's athletes were unmatchable giving them an immense lead over their opponents & as the finish line came closer it was clearly seen that the lead maintained by Jwala's increased finishing 1st easily.Arriving at their heels were Kara followed by Shivalik.

4*100m relay(heat 2)

In this heat the competition was between Girnar,Zanskar,Nilgiri&Satpura. It was a crisp race as Girnar's Adarsh almost overcame the lead that was set by Satpura on the first turn itself but after the first turn Satpura maintained a comfortable lead against their opponents till the third turn but after that it was seen that Girnar's runners had saved some tricks upon their sleeves left & came to close to the leaders Satpura making the race a memorable one.

Heat1(100m semi's)

With qualifiying from the group stage battle the athletes now entered the semifinal round of the 100m race with a new hope on their faces to qualify for the finals.The athletes put up a valiant effort,withstanding the freezing winds & the hot competition between the athletes, Jwala's Anuk proved his mettle & made it first to the finishing line followed by Girnar's Adarsh Sahu & Kumaon's Virok Sharma.

  1. Anuk(Jwala) :- 12.29 sec
  2. Adarsh Sahu(Girnar):-12.75 sec
  3. Virok Sharma(Kumaon):-13.1 sec