BSA Results


Volleyball Finals (Jwala vs Kumaon)

The match started with a bang with both the sides aiming for 1st position.Kumaon started with full aggression with showing no mercy to the other team & in moments the first set was won by them, the score being 25-13.Licking their wounds & learning from their mistakes Jwala gave a tough fight to Kumaon for the second set clinching the second set by a close call winning it by 25-22 & leveling the set score. Then the real competition started as the crowd of respective hostels anti-cheered after each point of their respective hostels.As the set was of great significance both the teams played equally well setting the score into a deuce.following a long rally & a technical glitch Kumaon won the third set by 26-24.Now this set became a do-die situation for Jwala. The tension level of the spectators as well as the players are seen in the photos followed by this report.Both the teams again locked their horns keeping the score level at 22-22, but now Kumaon snatched the victory,restriciting Jwala on 22 & winning not only the set but also the match.
Hence, the final figures are 3-1.

Shivalik vs Jwalamukhi

Jwala proved why they are one of the favourites for the gold medal and did that in style. Shivalik, despite the heroics of Hitesh and Girdhari, lost 2-0 to some excellent gameplay by Tehesh and Shivjeet.

Satpura vs Jwala

Satpura were no match to Shivjeet and Sunil Yadav's attack. Also, the rock solid defence of Jwala ensured there were no uos and downs and the game was sealed 2-0.