BRCA: Dhwani- Indian fusion night

Dhwani- Indian fusion night, the most decorated music club event was held on 18th august. The event marked the beginning of year long musical fest. 13 hostels fought for the glittering 50 points for the BRCA trophy. Music Secretary, Risabh Sanghi addressed all the audience and wished luck to the participating members.
Jwalamukhi Hostel with its mesmerizing performance won the hearts of all audiences. ‘Jwala’ band performed the song “Gulaabi-fusion version by Sachin Jiigar”.

The team comprised of :

  • Lead Vocalist-Ashish Patap Singh
  • Rhythm Guitarist(Electrical Guitar)-Shubham Meena
  • Lead Guitar-Paras
  • Drums- Arth Mishra
  • Backing Vocals-Prashant Jain & Palash Pare
  • Harmonium & Keyboard-Anshul Pareek
  • Keyboard-Roopdip Bargi
  • Congo-Aman Rai
  • Bass Guitar-Aman Tamrakar

To inculcate the so called sense of 'hostel spirit' what could be more auspicious than a competitive music club event. Supporters from all the hostels, undoubtedly, had high expectations. Amongst them were the Jwalites, probably the highest number of supporters, kudos to all the freshers, who had made the evening purposeful for the Jwalamukhi House musicians. One sided cheering had dominated the dogra hall and definitely had a great influence on the judges' mind.
Judges Salil Acharya and Sudhanshu Mishra, decalred the result with Aravali bagging the 1st position, followed by
We stood 3rd in the competition, a joyous end to the week long toil and and awesome supporting crowd.In the race of BRCA trophy, we had a headstart with 10 points .

Team 'Jwala' preforming