Mohit Kumar

Maintenance Secretary

I am Mohit Kumar, 3rd year mechanical engineering student. Being the maintenance secretary, I am responsible and answerable for the smooth functioning of all maintenance related works from room allotments to hostel renovation like white washing of walls and daily maintenance activities like cleaning etc. Presently, all the problems could be addressed through the concept of yellow slip available at guard desk or through online portal. As a single drop cannot make an ocean, there’s maintenance team consisting of immensely dedicated and hard-working 2nd year residents. Every society and culture abides by certain norms and preset guidelines, likewise, we residents of Jwalamukhi Hostel, strictly follow Hostel rules and regulations. At last, let us together make “JWALA” a better place to live and study.

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Co-maintenance Secretary

I am Satveer Gurjar, a 3rd year student of Engineering Physics at IIT Delhi. Being an active member of the Jwalamukhi Maintenance Club, my work varies from the allotment of rooms to ensuring that the switch- boards, window panes etc. are in proper condition. I have been passionately involved in the beautification of the Hostel which includes changing the sofa- sets of the Common Room, renovation of the Computer Room and various other works. I was the BSW representative of Jwalamukhi Hostel for the year 2014-15. My fields of interest are very diverse ranging from Street Play to trying out new things.

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