Jwalamukhi Student Publication

The Jwala Student Publications is the journalistic and innovative publishing society of the Jwalamukhi hostel founded by Saurabh Bhadada. The JSP aims at keeping the jwalaites regularly updated about what is happening in and outside the hostel. It covers each and every event centered around jwalaites, let it be an amazing performance by any inmate at institute level or any event happening in the hostel. The team also covers and chronicles the BRCA and BSA events and maintains a points tally. The team regularly updates each and every detail including the records of previous and newly elected representatives and secretary. Also we update the mess menu as soon as it is changed and the important notices and circulars. Last but not the least “The Blogs” the JSP team also writes blogs and posts on the website. The team is always looking forward for enthusiastic and creative writers and journalists as they are the very backbone of this team. The JSP team consists of Saurav Bhadada (Founder), Akash Kumar (Chief Editor) and Aman Kumar Singh (Chief Journalist) and many more contributors and volunteers. The JSP is actually in its initial stage and is currently working at its best.