Intra Hostel TT


As soon as the minors got over, being the Table Tennis Vice Captain, I felt the need to hold an Intra Hostel TT Tournament, reasons being:-

  • The bronze medal trio of ,Kanav Sir, Bunny Sir and Nishant Sir got over as the first two passed out this year.
  • Being the GC champs, it was the right time to start #Quest to Retain GC.

So, in the meeting chaired by Rohan Sir & Rushil Sir, it was decided to let the Intra Hostels begin now.
So, very first in the series, We decided to keep TT. Notices were put up both online and offline with a 36 hour deadline.

Fortunately, exactly 32 participants turned up. On 2nd Sep., the 32 players were divided into 8 pools and 2 players from each pool would qualify for pre-Quarters from where knock-outs would take place. The league round got over smoothly within 3 hours from 6:30 to 9:30 pm producing 16 pre-quarter finalists.
One PG fresher, Mr. Lalit Kumar showed the true sportsman spirit by choosing to play with one guy (keeping his entry to pre-quarters on stake) over taking walkover. Unfortunately, he lost that match and was eliminated.

On Saturday, tragedy could have happened (as all matches had been timed a day before) as several workshops happened & Alumni also came to meet the freshers without prior notice but fortunately I called each player and requested them to pre-pone & post pone their matches. They co-operated and Pre-Quarters & Quarters were held smoothly and got over by 8Pm(3:30-5pm ;7-8pm ).Now it was time for Semis. The Semifinalists being Harsh Gupta (Civil Fresher, State level player);Akash Goyal(Electrical Fresher, State level player), Rishabh Chouhan(3rd yearite,one of the Lead dancers of Jwala) & Shubham Meena(final yearite, Rhytm Guitarist of Jwala).

1st Semi- Harsh Gupta vs Rishabh Chouhan (Best of 5)
Harsh Gupta tamed Rishabh in the first two sets 11-3,11-4 before Rishabh back fired by winning the 3rd game 11-9.
In the 4th game, Harsh Gupta led from beginning and didn’t allow Rishabh to KIP UP(his Signature move), thus, winning 11-6.

2nd Semi- Akash Goyal vs Shubham Meena
Akash delivered an electrifying & powerful performance (being in Power&Automation :P ) and continuously broke the RHYTHM of Shubham Meena’s game, thus outclassing him in straight sets 11-4,11-7,11-8.
THE FINAL:- Harsh Gupta vs Akash Goyal

The final was scheduled for 9PM and started a bit late at 9:30.Around 40 freshers gathered inside the Hot & Humid TT Room to support for Harsh Gupta and Akash Goyal. On one side was Harsh who could irritate his opponent with his exceptional shot accuracy and techniques while on other side it was Akash who hadn’t lost a single game en route final. The final was of best of 7 games.

The winner would take home the iBall Headphones &get a chance to challenge the Hostel Cham and Insti Vice-Captain Nishant Nain and runner up STAG 3*balls (pack of 3).
Former BSA G.Secy. Adwait Singhai was going to be the Chief Guest but due to some reason, he could not come and followed the tournament updates on Jwala’s FB page. So, Rushil Singh-Jwala Sports Secy. was the Chief Guest.

The final started and Freshers were fully charged to cheer up for the Finalists.’’HAMARA PLAYER KAISA HO, HARSH GUPTA JAISA HO’’ & ‘’JEETEGA BHAI JEETEGA AKASH JEETEGA’’ could be heard in the whole hostel premises.

The Game started and Harsh easily won the first two games 11-7,11-4.In the third game, Akash turned his burners on and backfired by edging Harsh 11-9.In the 4th game, Harsh again tamed Akash 11-7.
Now, all the Harsh’s supporters were rejoicing and cheering. Harsh was also enjoying with them but Akash kept his nerves and fought back in 5th game to win it 11-8.
The tally being harsh leading 3-2.In the 6th game, it was neck to neck till 5-5.It was then when Harsh fired and took 4 consecutive points to take the lead to 9-5.Akash managed to get one more point before conceding the title & last game to harsh 6-11.

Both the players were raised into the air by their friends. Harsh Gupta could be seen very happy and Akash too decently accepted his defeat and was smiling as he knew that the Aligarh boy had LOCKED the headphones and title for himself.

Champion vs Challenger

Now it was a 7 setter again. Nishant Nain, after being the referee of the final, was being challenged by a fresher. But as usual, he looked calm and was smiling. The game started but Nishant’s agility had no match for Harsh and he comfortably won the first three games.In the fourth game, Harsh fought back but eventually lost the 5th game to help Nishant retain the title of Hostel Table Tennis Champion for the 2nd consecutive year.
Rushil Sir and Nishant Sir distributed the prizes to the winners and added that more such Intra hostels will be held and urged the freshers to cheer and participate in the same way as they did in the first one.

P.S.: My sincere thanks to Mr.Nishant Nain,Mr. Aman Rai, Sushant, Sahil, Aditya & Divyansh for coordinating throughout the tournament to have smooth conduct. Kandukurri Kartik(One of the current best paddlers of Jwala) didn’t participate as the current team members had decided not to participate.

-Aishwary Srivastava
(Jwala TT Vice Captain)